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February 2015, at the Winter EDM in Warsaw, delegates made a decision to form a workgroup. The workgroup has worked on the mission of bringing our message to the EU Parliament. There has been an EDM PI committee before so this was a reinvention of an old concept. On June 15th this year, members of this workgroup were invited to attend a seminar in Brussels at the EU Parliament to show a NA presentation and share experience with professionals. The workgroup will continue to plan and looking for opportunities to attend future conferences at EU parliament and within the European Zonal Forum.
Thank you for letting us serve
The EU PR Workgroup of EDM

Press Release EU Parliament:

The European People’s Party (EPP) Secretary General and Member of the European Parliament has asked that combatting drug addiction be a political priority in Europe during a conference today at the European Parliament. The seminar was attended by international and European members of the association Narcotics Anonymous and by representatives ofthe European Commission for drugs and addiction. The Secretary General in charge of hosting this event, highlighted „the importance of sharing the experience and knowledge of the EU entities dealing with drugs, such as the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), with other organizations like Narcotics Anonymous which are working in the field, as well as with those people directly affected by this problem“. „This is fundamental“, he went to say, „for establishing common lines for collaboration and for a better understanding of this problem.

The EU Press Release was shortened by EDM NEWS editor to focus on relevant content and to keep anonymity.

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