European Delegates Meeting

Bulgarian Fellowship

I am Toni, a recovering addict from the Bulgarian fellowship. I’m clean since 3 years and 3 months. I’ve been serving in NA since I started recovery and it helped me a lot. I’m serving in my home group because NA helped me to change my life. When I started working with a sponsor he told me to help others. And I was chair in one meeting and was making tea in another, later on I started translating literature. We started a new meeting after some time and we tried to make it more organized. We tried to create a committee, but it didn’t go well. The old timers stopped coming to NA and switched to AA. The people who stayed didn’t give up. We started a meeting in a detox center and tried to carry the message. 

One guy choose me to be his sponsor. He is very committed to the program. I was elected to be a secretary and a GSR. Since than we are trying to build stronger groups in order to to carry the message to the addicts who suffer. But it’s very difficult, because people don’t work the steps and ignore the traditions. Since I’m clean, the past 3 years, only 5 people started working the program and did service. Now, my sponsi has a sponsi and I was asked to be a sponsor to one other boy. And the same time a few women from NA started a meeting in a women’s prison. At the moment we are organizing a seminar in Sofia, to introduce members to stepwork, service structure, other services and the traditions. To get more united in carrying the message. We will have guests from different cities. And we hope to understand better what exactly we need to improve our area. And we will ask you guys at the EDM for help and support. Thank you!“

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