European Delegates Meeting

PR in Turkish Parliament

Beginning of this year, we were invited to Turkish Parliament which has known as Grand National Assembly of Turkey. First of all it was surprising for us to being invited by highest level of state agency but also we can consider it was the accumulation of years and years effort of PR committees
of NA Turkey in the past as an non-legal entity. In the passing through 25 years, we had some chances to meet with some of ministers by taking appointment from them, but this was the first time for a legislative commission of the state which established to give direct suggestions to policy makers was inviting us to listen. This is for us the clear proof that NA Turkey Fellowship is being accepted as the interlocutor by Turkish State.
So we were excited. The Commission (The Parliamentary Research Commission Established to Investigating Drug Addiction and the Types of New Addictions and Determining the Causes of Addiction and the Measures to be Taken) which is inviting us, is being formed by MPs from all the
parliamentary parties therefore their recommendations must be taken into consideration by the policy makers in this regard. We have created our team for this service from four members who are the last three PR chairs and one female member. Our total time was 1 hour and we planned to make the presentation which is prepared for EU parliament in first 15 minutes. I translated I made this presentation as a delegate also. After this, my three other friends briefly shared their experience in recovery and what they have found in NA fellowship, and this section took about 20 minutes. And after this section we answer the questions of MPs about 25 minutes. In this Q&A section we found the chance that to explain some specific problems we are facing with by giving answer in suitable questions.
Overall it was very satisfying service work for us. As a result, in the final report presented by the commission, we see that all the NGOs working on this area are in audit increase, while the support increase for NA has been decided. This is the direct translation of the part of special paragraph for NA which is in the report:
“Although the Association of Narcotics Anonymous, which is based on consultation between old addicts, has been operating in our country for 25 years, it has been stated that there is no legal recognition. Regulations should be made to provide a more systematic evaluation of the community
which is working in close cooperation with AMATEMs (State Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers) in terms of rehabilitation and social harmonization. Firstly, the necessary convenience should be provided at the point of finding the meeting place.”

Whatever I am going say about my gratitude for this service which I participate as delegate, will be not enough more than this paragraph. Regional Delegate Of Turkish Fellowship

Serkan Ö.

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