European Delegates Meeting

NA World Service Conference 2018 Highlights (abstract)

Conference deliberations serve the needs of a diverse membership of different languages and cultures and address the challenge of how to provide effective services to NA groups around the world. The conference works for the good of all NA, taking into account both present and future needs. This was the first World Service Conference with participants attending through an internet connection. The delegate from Iran and the alternates from Iran and Aotearoa, New Zealand were unable to obtain visas, and participated through an internet link with WSC approval. Of the 114 regional delegates from seated regions participating, 65 were from the US, 5 from Canada, and 44 from outside the US and Canada. There were 154 men and 67 women among the Conference participants—delegates, alternates, World Board members, and zonal delegates (who were non-voting participants for WSC 2018).

  • It was decided that any Zonal Forum with two or more zonally seated regions or communities that are not seated at the World Service Conference may choose to send one Zonal Delegate to the World Service Conference to represent those regions or communities. These zonal delegates have one vote. They are eligible to receive the same funding as regional delegates and may choose to bring an Alternative at their own expense.
  • Motions passed directing the World Board to create a project plan (for consideration at WSC 2020) on the role of Zones, their relationship to the wider fellowship, including integrating Zonal Delegates participation into the decision making process at WSC.
  • It was decided to assign a week each year as an NA PR week, beginning in 2019. NAWS will assign dates and make information available a minimum of 90 days prior and also have available the possible contents of the program or the suggested agenda for such week.
  • It was approved an NA Service Prayer, utilizing the language that is already in the intro of the Basic Text, substituting the word “write” with the word “serve”, including it in the set of posters of the meetings for NA groups, as shown here: “GOD, grant us knowledge that we may write serve according to Your Divine precepts. Instill in us a sense of Your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bond of selflessness that this may truly be your work, not ours, in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.”

    Literature Projects:
    Mental Health/Illness IP:
    Meditation Book:

    Training and Tools Project:
    Conventions and Events Toolbox:
    (Money Management / The Program Committee & Development of the Program)
    Local Service Toolbox:
    (Serving in Rural and Isolated Communities / CBDM Basics (Consensus Based Decision Making)

    Issue Discussion Topics:
    This cycle’s topics (2018-2020) are:
    Attracting Members to Service
    Carrying the NA Message and Making NA Attractive
    Drug Replacement Therapy/Medication Assisted Treatment as It Relates to NA

    Workshop resources will be available soon:

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