European Delegates Meeting

Lisbon Addictions 2019

This event was held in Lisbon, Portugal between 23rd and 25th October 2019. Narcotics Anonymous was represented for Public Relations from NA World Service, two members of the EDM Public Relations Workgroup and three members of the Local Fellowship. The Conference received 800 participants and from which approximately 100 stopped by NA stand.

These professionals came from 31 countries with different kinds of occupations: researchers, doctors, nurses, people in the field, governmental professionals, treatment center team and others, and were very interested in our fellowship.

UK | Canada | Palestine | Australia | Nepal | Macau | Greece | Portugal | Croatia | Latvia | Peru | Slovenian | Ukrain | Finland | Belgium | Malta | Luxembourg | Norway | Spain | Russia | Netherlands | Sweden | Singapore | Brazil | Nigeria | Jordan | Italy | Hungry | Lebanon | Iran | Albania

We are very grateful for the event, not only for the opportunity to deliver literature to professionals, but also for the general surprise about our global situation, especially the number of meetings we have worldwide. We think this was a huge opportunity to develop our efforts inspired by the primary purpose of our groups and one more step spreading our vision: “Every addict in the world has the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life.”

Follow Ups
  • A professional of SICAD (Additive Behavior and Dependency Intervention Service) asked us to do a PR presentation in their facilities. She was very interested in our attendance cards because so far they have not sent addicts to NA because we are not a medical entity and allegedly there is no way to prove attendance in meetings.
  • A Special Worker from the ministry of Justice of Nigeria asked us about a possibility to help her to get somebody from Africa to facilitate a meeting there. Jane is trying to find somebody to help them.
  • A Special worker from Helsinki prison asked if we could arrange Skype meetings with them.
  • A doctor in Viana do Castelo (north of Portugal) was very happy “because she found us”. We will schedule a meeting with her.
  • A psychiatrist of Oporto asked to send a meeting list to her office. The remaining literature stayed in Portugal for future EDM-PR activities.
  • We think it’s important to come back in 2021, and we should try to benefit from being a non-profit organization.

Thanks for letting us serve.
Patrícia, RD Portugal
Patrick, RD alt. Finland

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