European Delegates Meeting

How Ukraine is preparing.

As you are aware because of Covid-19 ECCNA 2020 in Cairo Egypt was postponed, and now we hope that we will be able to gather together and celebrate recovery at ECCNA 2021 in Kyiv Ukraine. Even though the situation with Covid-19 is still uncertain and nobody knows what will happen in the future. Anyway we believe in the best and continue our preparations for ECCNA 36.

This article shows you some thoughts, feelings and expectations of host committee members. This information was gathered like an interview. We were asking each member 5 simple questions, so let’s see together what happens in Ukrainian ECCNA Host committee and how guys do the footwork.

Host Committee

Hi, my name is Valya and I’m the Chair of ECCNA 36 the Host Committee.
All conventions brought me great delight and charge of recovery. After I was a part of ECCNA34 in Poland, I really wanted all my friends to see with their own eyes the scale of recovery in NA, and feel the power and energy that was present at such events. But such trips could be very expensive for many of our members and the only possibility to attend the ECCNA is only if a convention will take place in our country. I knew that Ukraine has a strong NA community and many servants, and geographically placed in the center of Europe, so I was sure that we could hold a large-scale convention in Ukraine.

Since a plan for this event has matured in my head and I had several like-minded people, I proposed my candidacy to coordinate this event. Together we chose the motto and prepared a bid with the budget. I was very worried when at the EDM in Zurich our delegate made a presentation and then delegates voted for the convention place … Tears of happiness flowed from my eyes when they announced that in 2021 the ECCNA will be held in Ukraine.

Not everything goes as smoothly as we would like because of the quarantine – not everything is working out as we planned. Host committee meetings must be held in zoom. But everyone believes that the event will take place and we can organize the coolest convention. We try to do the best that all our guests feel themselves like at home.

I really like that there are many of us who are ready to do the service. The guys believe that everything will be well no matter what.
First difficulties started in spring, we were supposed to bring promo flyers and merchandise to the World Service Conference meeting in Los Angeles …
All our plans are not going as we plan, people aren’t hurrying to buy pre-registrations. They are worried because of covid and we understand them. So we left only hoping that everything will be well. The main fear of course about quarantine and that people will be afraid to go to Ukraine.

I continue to believe and trust my HP …. (at the moment it is very difficult :)) but I expect that we will have a great celebration of recovery … that this event will raise the spirit of NA and our message will spread with renewed vigor.
I like to do something for addicts to help them recover .. and I am sure that miracles happen at such events. What addicts love the most is having fun.

Valya, Kiev (Host Committee Chair)


My name is Oksana, and I’m the Merchandise Seller, well actually the Chair of the Merchandise Team.
I love to do service in NA. Recently I thought about to do something cool and that I haven’t done yet. And at that moment my friend (Host Committee Chair) wrote to me and suggested I should take some service at ECCNA Host Committee and I agreed without any concerns.
As I had experience on selling merchandise, of course, I took over the merchandise seller chair.
At the moment the service is not as “perky” as we would like. Today we have notebooks for writing the Steps, and T-shirts, and some other stuff in the creation stage (but is still a secret). Till that moment the sales were very low but we keep trusting our HP and believe that very soon sales will grow.

I enjoy helping others. Not in every city in Ukraine we have people who are ready to help with selling merchandise in their area but we are working on it. We are not sales professionals. We do what we can. Probably we are lacking charisma for good sales (smile).
But seriously, we are quite concerned that we will not be able to sell all the promotional merchandise, and personally I worried that because of the virus ECCNA could be canceled.

I want to hug everyone and see the results of our efforts.

Oksana, Kiev (Merchandise Chair)

Public Relation Committee

I’m Oleg from and I’m the Public Relation Vice-Chair. I was invited to do service at PR committee. First of all I would like to express my deep gratitude to the EDM and to all Narcotics Anonymous who trusted us to hold this wonderful event in our country, we in Ukraine with love and in extremely responsible way approach to the preparation process, spend many hours in discussions and agree on our vision of the upcoming event.
Our job is to attract as many NA members from all over the world as possible. We try to achieve it by making announcements about all stuff related to ECCNA 36, making promotional videos etc.

For me it is difficult to serve in the PR committee because I have just a little knowledge about technology, but thanks to the help and support of the Host Committee members so far it seems that it works.
We are all concerned that the pandemic may continue to negatively impact preparedness and pre-registration levels.

I would like that as many addicts as possible from all over the world, come to us next summer and feel the Ukrainian hospitality and love of the Narcotics Anonymous Ukraine Community.

Oleg, Kiev (Public Relation Vice-Chair)


My name is Misha and I’m the chair of the Registration subcommittee.
I joined the committee spontaneously. The situation at the moment is quite difficult to evaluate from the inside, I can only guess. In the current situation with quarantine, I think it’s not bad. But if we take into consideration all our efforts, and look at the numbers of pre-registration so far, in that case I think it might not be good enough.

Actually it turned out that the subcommittee attracts the right members and everything seems to happen by itself.
I am really worried about the effect of quarantine on pre-registration sales.

I expect myself to start doing my service more responsibly (smile).
Big hugs for all of you!

Misha, Kiev (Registration)


My name is Julia, and I’m the food zone coordinator. My sponsor is the Host Committee chair and she began to tell me about this event since they started preparing the bid. As I am an active trusted servant, it was interesting for me to take this challenge and to get an experience in organizing such a large-scale event.

As food zone coordinator, my responsibility is organizing of the food court and lounge zone, where people can eat, have rest and spend time with each other.

During the year of service I sometimes feel a little tired. At the beginning we worked with a special worker, but now obstacles have changed and now all the preparations are laid at our subcommittee. But we have faith that everything will work out and we will cope. We already have done most of the work, we have calculated everything, approved the scenario of what is happening, and remain only to agree with the companies and bring the matter to an end by putting our soul into this service.

Generally, serving at this position means regular facing your fears, communication with professionals, budget miscalculations, organizing all kinds of details. All this is for me a certain kind of stress and a way out of the comfort zone. Now I don’t even have two years of clean time. I’m just starting to interact with the outside world. And of course it’s scary to take such responsibility in organizing such a large-scale event. But together – we can do everything.

I expect that we will be able to organize everything at the highest level, because we put so much effort and energy into this. It will be the first time for me to attend such a large NA event. If this event is so stimulating and inspiring, then I can’t even imagine all the emotions I will experience at ECCNA 36!

Julia from Kiev (Food)


My name is Vadim and I’m one the volunteer coordinator we have in the committee. How I became a committee member? I found out that guys were planning to apply for the hosting of the ECCNA 36 in Kiev, and that there already was a small team working on the bid. So I decided to join the team. After being approved to host the ECCNA 36 in Kiev, a host committee was created. And I took over my service.

I chose a volunteer coordinator position, it excited me the most and I was elected at this position. I am very grateful to the host committee for the trust in me and for the possibility to be part of a cool recovery event.

Things are going well at the moment. We are moving according to plan and on schedule. It is possible already to purchase pre-registration on the website, and anyone who is interested can sign up as a volunteer and become a part of ECCNA. I believe that it’s very convenient.

I like to serve in such a great team. There are no difficulties so far. I’m just worried about not to get enough volunteers for the event.
I’m waiting that a bunch of addicts will come and everything will be cool.

Vadim from Kiev (Volunteer)

The ECCNA 36 Host Committee hopes that all you guys are well in this hard time and strongly believes that we can meet together and celebrate recovery next year in Ukraine!!!

Stay safe and take care about yourselves and your families. In loving service,
your EDM News Team.