European Delegates Meeting

Translations in Finland

“Our vision is that one day every addict in the world has the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life.” – A Vision for NA Service

The Finnish Literature Translations Committee currently consists of the chair (me) and secretary plus the chairs of two translation work groups that both assemble weekly. We’ve just sent the 6th edition of the Basic Text for proofreading. The work groups are now focusing on checking and correcting the raw translation of Just For Today with only December left to go. The corona virus outbreak caused translation work groups to go online for a few months, but currently the situation is such that live meetings have been held, except for the second group which has found the online format more suitable and opted to continue in that manner. With luck we might finish Just For Today within the year, but in any case we’re definitely on the home stretch. We’re also initiating a new work group to focus solely on Living Clean, which has already been translated raw, but has to be checked out and corrected. We also just got a new laptop for our committee!

Jouni, LTC Chair Finland

Finland is a small country in Northern Europe, the population is 5,5 million. Our language is quite unique with no close language relatives. We are one of the 80+ languages our fellowship speaks globally. Not all our members can read NA literature in English. The fellowship in Finland is 32 years old and we have approximately 220 weekly Finnish speaking meetings.

We have almost every IP, Basic Text 5th edition, It Works How and Why and Step Working Guide in our language. NAWS helps us financially by providing us a professional proofreader and copy editor. It’s not cheap and our region can’t afford it. Their staff supports coordinating the local translation efforts. We are grateful for the financial support from members worldwide. We couldn’t reach out to still suffering addicts without you.

In my service position as the Regional Delegate I’ve been privileged to visit NA communities around the world. We all non English speaking members share the same mission: Carrying the message in addict’s own language is the most powerful tool to save desperate dying addicts.

In love and service
Upi, RD Finland