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Young Addicts in Recovery


1. Find a few other young addicts.

Find a few other young addicts who are interested in starting this kind of meeting. Ideally, a young people’s meeting should be started by younger members, or those who got clean young. You wouldn’t round up men to start a women’s meeting, would you? 
If you can find another member who already has experience in starting an NA meeting, that would be helpful. And of course most experienced members will help be happy to help however they can;, don’t be afraid to ask any for help.

2. Find a venue/meeting place. 

It is often easier to call on facilities where NA already meets, as they are already open to our cause. 
If a facility does not already have NA, and is interested but needs more information, you can offer a NA Presentation to the facility and then contact your local Public Relation Chairperson through Area Service or NA members with experience if you don’t have a Public Relation Committee in your area or region. Use them to go in and do a formal presentation to the facility that is interested. You can contact for a PR presentation outline.

3. Consider also anonymity of members.

Some of our members want to stay anonymous, so it may be important to find spots that are easily accessible, but also safe, and not on some main street, where people waiting outside of the meeting might be recognised/seen by their peers/teachers/ neighbours.

4. Our Traditions state

Our Traditions state “NA meetings should never be in competition with one another…” Make sure that your venue, day, and time does not conflict with another meeting. (This is not always possible).

5. Consider the time of the meeting.

A Morning-Before- Noon meeting might not be ideal for young people going to school. A Meeting on Friday or Saturday evening on the other hand might be a great time for a young people’s meeting, as this is the time when many members used and struggle to get through clean. It also gives an opportunity for the after-meeting activities, such as going to a clean dance together, or sitting for a tea or bowling, whatever your group might enjoy.

6. Once you have a location and a day and time to meet, you will need to think about:

The group can personalize the meeting format to make it attractive and fun while still keeping our focus on the message and primary purpose and use of our literature (for example we can call newcomers “Little Ninjas” or “Jedi Padawans” or “Grasshopper”. Maybe use some readings regarding young addicts from our pamphlets.


They are necessary because for many of us using was the main spare time activity (f.e. going to dance, tea, coffee, clean house party/ movie night, bowling). 


Organising our own events like dances, movie nights, picnic or even trips to mountain cottages are quite popular, getting to Young addicts conventions in nearby countries together. 


A meeting name supports group identity, e.g. “Ninjas in recovery” or “Young Persons assembly” … 


Creating t-Shirts or mugs and putting together a flyer that captures the spirit of the group can help us get excited about our new identity as “a part of” this group of clean addicts.

We welcome everyone regardless of age and try to avoid pitfall of disqualifying certain members because of age – experience. Just like on every other meeting we use kind and loving ways to suggest members to share and respect the topic of the meeting and reserve time at the end of the meeting for “newcomers“ and members with “burning desire” that can share about whatever they find necessary.

This pamphlet reflects the experience of young addicts, who are part of a Fellowship Development Workgroup of the European Delegates Meeting.
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